A House Outside of Town

House Outside of Town pic

An unpublished novel.

When the living room ceiling collapses, fifteen-year-old Elli is heaved into a summer in which time is marked less by weeks and months and more by the escalating disasters that follow, leading to hip-hop classes, hospitals and hotels—in that order.

When Lathe, the patriarch, reveals he intends to build a new home, not everyone agrees with his plan. Lathe invites Elli to join him in building the new house—an experience which exposes her fears, leads to discoveries about herself and her family, and forces her to make a costly choice.

Discordant priorities fracture the family unit as Elli’s twin sister ignores reality, her brother defiantly clings to the old house, and Mara, their mother, spirals out of control. A HOUSE OUTSIDE OF TOWN is an honest exploration of the emotions that drive human behavior and the dark consequences that follow. Relationships take center stage as each family member acts on conflicting feelings of bitterness, fear and optimism.

Beneath the surface, this novel is an allegory that examines how different segments of humanity relate to God, view the afterlife, and coexist in a fragmented society.

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